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  1. Alex
    Updating like crazy!
  2. Alex
    Hopefully on a ride somewhere!
  3. Alex
    Itching for the next dirt day!
  4. Callum_Surrey
    Callum_Surrey Alex
    hi alex. i am getting a crf250l next month and would like some advice in terms of performance parts, do you think you might be able to offer me some advice please?
    1. Dennis
      Go with the stage 1 mods from CRF'S ONLY
      POWER CORE EXHAUST SYSTEM, Tuneable EFI Module, open the air intake to 2" dial and remove the backlash screen from the air filter. These are my mods and it made an incredible difference. I can accelerate up hills in 6th gear and cruise at 65 mph all day.
      Apr 1, 2016
    2. Dennis
      Damn autocorrect- 2" diameter, backflash screen...
      Kit comes with a larger drive sprocket for more torque in the dirt.
      CRF'S ONLY
      Apr 1, 2016
  5. Alex
    Updating the doohickies and the watzits.