2019 CRF250L Exhaust Baffle

Discussion in '2012+ CRF250L Tech Talk' started by DJH, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. DJH

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    Hi everyone,

    I have just bought a 2019 250L (Black wheels facelift) I had a 2017 model which I sold last year. I wanted to do an exhaust mod to the silencer, remove the baffle(spark arrestor) and replace with a slightly smaller version to open it up a bit. There are various videos on you tube showing this. The bike is just broken in so I removed the end cap and...The spark arrestor is sealed inside. In the USA it can be removed. My question is this, do any UK /EU models have the silencer that can be taken apart? Is it just 2019 MY that has the sealed pipe? I can buy a 2017/18 version from ebay but as the exhaust system was changed from 2017 onwards I'm wondering if that will be sealed as well. I guess it will be to do with the EU emissions
  2. Merritt64

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    They can be removed in any country but not legally ride the OHV in the dirt. You need to check your local laws, but I strongly doubt that it is legal to ride off road on an OHV without a spark arrestor. I know that the USFS requires them to be functioning.
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    I've used the OEM and aftermarket exhausts and to be honest, I don't think you're going to notice much of a change except exhaust sound or noise. It didn't feel significantly more 'peppy' one way or the other. I had to buy an aftermarket spark arrestor for my Leo Vince exhaust to make it legal to ride in most OHV areas, so it's really a wash.