Another "bogging in low rpms" thread

Discussion in '2012+ CRF250L Tech Talk' started by Bjarne, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Bjarne

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    So...first things first:
    I'm a new rider, bought this little beast 3 months ago (11k miles, ridden decently hard but the guy was a mechanic, well taken care of), now after putting another 1000 miles on it myself I changed the back tire from a MT43 to a d605 (by myself)...and now it tends to "bog" especially in 2nd gear uphill.
    Honestly, it feels like the back wheel is somewhat loose.
    Accompanied by some loud "clunks" from the back end.
    Same thing without the bogging going downhill with engine braking...stops as soon as I pull the clutch.
    My first thought was chain or sprockets, but why would that happen after a tire change?
    They still look good, too ( that can be decieving, I know, lubed it every 200 miles or so).
    Just wanna know if there's something else that I should look into first before I spend the 120$ ;)

    Peace & love & thanks in advance
  2. Alex

    Alex dude

    Hard to say online, but the clunks sound like perhaps there was a re-assembly issue. What do you mean stops as soon as you pull the clutch when going downhill?
  3. superfunkomatic

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    Steep hills you may get sounds like that in second gear - chain rattle and motor lugging. Put it into first gear and rev it right up. She'll climb some pretty good hills in first gear.
  4. Lee6R

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    Loud clonks and dragging uphill - rear brake not fitted correctly?????