Aux. lighting mounts?

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    I have some very nice Clearwater LED lights that came off my Triumph Scrambler and I would love to get them mounted on my 250L but it doesn't seem easy at all. On the old bike they were mounted on the lower fork but that won't work. The upper fork area runs into the plastic shrouds and has no space. I've considered mounting them onto the hand guards but I would sure like them lower on the bike.

    Any ideas? Photos? Has anyone solved this problem? I will go with smaller 10W lights if I need to but I would love to use these incredible $700 lights!

    thanks for any help!

    Rudy in Montana
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    Work you way to the bottom of the thread...
    I tried every way I could think of to mount a pair of lamps on mine - it looks like it should be easy, until you try it !
    There is just enough room to get lamps mounted on the lower fork clamps.
    On full lock the back of the righthand lamp mount just touched the fairing inner panel - so I "adjusted" the panel with a Stanley knife.