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    just joined..brought a crf250l with 13 42 sprockets, everything else stock. MY PROBLEM:- im thinking of going back to 14 40 to lower rpm at higher speeds and worried I may dislike the accelloration doing so...........?
    I do an hour run up the dual carriageway and hour back twice a month..the rest town and back roads and off road..
    some of my thoughts to help me like my bike when changing sprockets back to stock.. upgrading to performance exhaust and intake filter plus fuel controller, change the handle bars..change my Michelin ac10's for something bit more road worthy 70/30 less rolling resistance and lighter..? I was thinking how i could shave quite a lot of kg's off but its a big money cost! is it a big deal to weight reduct if mostly on road? on a run will it cause more vibration, more side wind interference , will I be throttling more to fight against the wind! is that why it was fitted with a steel frame and not alloy! it will improve slow filtering turns! lighter and more agile when im off road! easier walking it about..

    a lot to take in, I don't want it to be a off road speed demon as id buy a different bike i just want a fun plodder go anywhere with umpffff .... all my fast sport bikes have worn thin causing less miles in the saddle.. thoroughly enjoying the crf250l iv done more miles in 2 months on this than I did in 2 years on the sport bikes. enjoying off road then the local jet wash to make it look good again, simple..

    MAYBE whilst thinking about mods loose weight myself, seems easier!!!!.. improved acceleration , be more aerodynamic it will add top speed ,,like they say , its not the bike its the rider! , saving fuel , be hopping on and off it easier , walking it through the side gate , keeping the weight more lower helps handling....I need to get back to dual sport riding which is where I started many moons ago!

    whilst doing this I need to get enough intel on the best mods that work from this site and start saving up so they don't hit me hard on the pocket down the line .. my speedo is off due to sprocket gearing and tyre size its quite annoying and may still experience this with my tyre choice …. think im in the right place finally …..

    ( final thought,which is my question.. if I change back to stock gearing 14 40 and add mods will I be similar accelloration as I am now with 13 42 ) ????????????????
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    It's a 25 hp bike. So it's not going to do a lot of magic to upgrade/update the bike by modifying it (lots of $ for very little change).
    I don't have an issue with stock gearing. It's just enough to do 90-100 kph comfortably on the highway and works well enough for light trail riding. On hills I just wind up the throttle and the bike climbs well enough - it's not a true dirtbike after all. Modify what will make you happier riding it - wind protection, heated grips, comfy seat, protective bits, etc. Honestly, it's a really fun bike to ride as a stock machine. Ride it for a while and see what you think before making changes.
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    I have been looking at seats and grips too I just brought a new textile outfit to enjoy my days on her thanks for the great response!
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    14 / 42 might be a half way choice for you. Then you won't have that tighter radius on the chain guide forward end.
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