Crf250L change to road tyres question

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    Hi guys,

    I only have 3.5K km on the bike but managed to bend 3 brake/clutch levers. 2 Gear pedals (1 stock and 1 non stock), smashed 1 headlamp and various other small pieces. I bought the crf as I have a love for dual purpose bikes however with my kind of off-roading here in Malta (very rocky) I decided that I will destroy the bike if I will keep doing it. So I decided that I will save up and :

    A) transform the crf for on-road only purposes
    B) save up and buy a proper off-road bike that will not also be my daily commuter

    Question is: What tyres / set-up you guys suggest from your experience. Do I need to change rims or I can keep the same?

    The only performance mods that I have atm is a front 13T sprocket

    I appreciate your help!
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    Check out Shinko 705 tires. Great for road only use and provide very good mileage. They are made in the stock CRF250L sizes and so no need to change stock wheels.
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    I second the Shinko option. Good tires, right size, not need for new rims.
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