CRF250L Rally at ADVMoto Rally 2016

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    Hello fellow 250L owners! Most of you probably know about Patrick Trahan and his CRF 250L Project. We're dragging him down to our rally in September where he will present his bolt-on rally kit. Pat will also be presenting a "Road to Rally" speach, so if you'd like to see the CRF 250L Rally in person and meet Pat, be sure to sign up!

    Registration Here:


    Besides that, here's what else is going on at the rally:

    "The ADVMoto Magazine Adventure Rally, staged from the Wapocoma Campground, near Romney, WV, is scheduled for September 22-25 this year. An additional day of riding is included for 2016 (optional 2-day registrations available).

    Basic and advanced off-road riding training is available, generous door prizes are pledged ($ 15,000 in merchandise awarded in 2015), world-class presentations planned. Food and entertainment will be served at the full-service Wapocoma Campground on the South Fork of the Potomac River.

    Riding routes available include everything from all-pavement Mountain State highways, to dirt and gravel roads, to single-track of various degrees of gnarliness, depending upon rider preferences. A "Wilderness Poker Run" will yield a valuable prize to the rider drawing the best hand.

    Attendance limited; registration closes September 1.

    Prizes are now up to near 10k and include some real zingers like:

    • SENA Prism Tube, 20S Dual Comm system and one 10C Comm system
    • Spot Tracker with 1 year service
    • Forma Advenutre Boots
    • REv'It Tornado Suit
    • MoskoMoto 30L Duffle
    • and more. Click here for the current list.
    Featured Speakers: Simon and Lisa Thomas hold the record for World' Longest Adventure ride of over 13 years! This is a rare chance to see them speak in the area at a hang out event!

    Registration fees, including tent campsite, (Registration cost includes a catered breakfast and dinner buffets on Saturday. Attendees will be able to get food from vendor trucks at a reasonable price on Friday night and Sunday morning.): 3-day, $ 180; 2-day, $ 140; Training surcharge: $ 110."

    Link to Rally website:
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    That's great Tahuya, I ordered one here in Malta and should have it be end of next week. Tried looking up on the net but did not manage to find accessories for it as freely as I did with my 14 250L (sold it and regretted it)...
    My first mods would be Risers and exhaust. Tries to see any options for exhausts with no luck. Would you care to elaborate what changes you made and if you heard anything on FMF pipes being made for it?