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    It would be cool if there was a sub-forum for the supermoto builds on these bikes. I just completed my build last week. I ended up going with a stock 40T stock rear sprocket on the new wheel set and I'm starting to think that was a bad idea. I currently have the 13T upfront and the bike is just slow. Maybe I'm not winding it out enough I'm not sure. But now I'm running through gas like crazy, I dont even know if I can go do a canyon ride without bringing a fuel bottle. I'm going to change back to the 14T up front and see how I like it before making any other changes. Does anyone else here have the wheel set (warp9)? From what I am reading it appears that a lot of people are running the 13T front and the 42T rear. If anyone has any input on this stuff please chime in.

    Also, what is the chain size that we have on our bikes? Are they O-ring or non O-ring from the dealer?

    and here she is... I'll have to take an updated pic to show it after I put the fork gaurds back on.

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    looks sweet, I've had my bike for about 3 weeks. I've been slowly convincing myself to get a bike for awhile and am glad I finally did. I've been looking at a few supermoto type bikes and have considered doing something like what you have done. I really like the look and the street tires would probably be more in line with my type of riding. What were you looking for when you changed the gearing? speed or low end? Is your rear wheel different diameter than stock? 19" front and rear? just a guess. How loud is the exhaust? I am thinking I'd like some wider handlebars. I've seen the rox risers and like that idea but I think an inch or 2 wider bars would feel good. I don't see anything on the market that mentions width, only bar diameter. Nice looking bike, great work. Sorry, no answers, just more questions.
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    17" wheels front and back.
    Renthal bar is one of the best things I have ever did.
    The bike is fun, ran 13T up front for a while, pulled nice, went back to stock 14T, a little more mild is nice while still having a smaller wheel has been a good balance
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    A forum dedicated to supermotos would be nice!

    Mike, is that a 140/70 on the rear? If so, it's about 1/2 inch shorter than the stock tire and the effect is that it will raise RPM at any given speed using more gas, and also it will show less distance being traveled on the odometer than actual making it seem that gas mileage is actually worse than it is. The M model uses a 39T rear to compensate for that, which will raise your top speed but cut a bit of power off the bottom end from what you have now.

    I run a 150/70 on the rear of mine with stock gearing, and since the height of a 150/70 is very close to stock tire height my odo is only off by 2 mph (58 actual) at 60 indicated. Not saying you should switch to a 150, just giving an example. Of course, if you want to keep the 140 and have your speedo and odo back to being accurate you can always get a speedo healer.

    13/42 gearing would be great off-road and good on-road for hooligan mode, but it would kinda suck if you ride on back highways much. 13/42 will give you a boost on the low end, but top speed will suffer quite a bit, especially with a rear tire that is shorter than stock.

    I also have the Warp 9s, and I've been happy with them. My rear one, right after I got them, the bearings took a dive on me because of the spacer in between being cut too short, but Warp 9 immediately warranteed it and sent me a completely new wheel. No complaints about Warp 9 here!

    Here's my bike as it is now with the exception of the forks being black now. I just couldn't stomach that gold... o_O At some point, I'm going to take the bike down and have the forks, frame and swingarm powdercoated in black.


    In this picture, I have a 110/70-17 front and a 150/70-17 rear. I'm thinking I might go 120/70 in the front and 150/60 in the rear in the future. Of course, I'll have to go with a 38T most likely on the rear then get a speedo healer. The tires in the pic are Kenda Cruisers, BTW. Good on the street with just enough tread depth to make light off roading not so hair-raising.

    I'm thinking of getting some new bars soon also, and so far the ones I'm looking at closest are the ProTaper Evo Adventures. If I get them, I'd probably go with a bar high enough that I don't have to use a riser with them. Some of the risers I've seen look to me like they would put a lot of extra torque stress on the stock clamps and end up slipping at some point, something I'd rather avoid. The Rox risers would be a good example of what I want to avoid. If I ended up having to use risers, I'd much rather use something like the ProTapers because torque has pretty much no effect on them.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    have any of you tried a fork upgrade for street riding? I too have supermoto wheels and intend to ride the bike only on road on my curvy local mountain roads...