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  1. CalicoJack

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    Hi All,

    I have seen various posts about wanting to save weight by replacing parts doing mods etc. but my question is a little different. I am happy with the stock bike and like the quiet exhaust.

    Is there any semi easy way to temporarily reduce the weight for transport? I can get a rack for my van which can carry the weight of the bike but the max weight of my tow bar hitch is 140kg which is less the weight of the bike + rack.

    Emptying the fuel tank seems like it will save me ~6kgs, but are there other options? I don’t mind getting the spanners out! :)


  2. Bryce

    Bryce New Member

    you could have a local shop add reinforcement to the tow bar. They could weld on plates to help the hitch carry more weight.
  3. Thai Guy

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    I have not been on the site...just saw this. Your terminology might be confusing to me. Are you pulling a trailer behind your van? What is the "rack"?

    I have never seen a tow bar hitch for any trailer with such a low maximum weight. For example: In North America, there are various classes of hitch, Class I being the lowest, with a maximum trailer weight (loaded) of 2,000 pounds and a tongue weight of 200. (Meaning tongue weight can be adjusted by moving the load position on the trailer) Class I typically has a 1-1/4" square receiver for the hitch and carries a 1-7/8" ball.

    If you are talking about some kind of bike rack that mounts to the hitch location, but only 140kg (308 lb) rated? It must be a bicycle rack. Even a bicycle rack must be mounted in a Class I or higher receiver.

    You must be sorted by now at any rate. I am curious, however. In the States there is an abundance of options. I am in Thailand, where nearly nobody tows or carries anything in the back.