Easy fender elimination

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    I have been looking at pricey fender eliminator kits and didn't want to spend the money. So I just took the lower fender and the license plate light off and made a simple bracket that i bolted through two of the existing mounting holes of the license plate light.
    I think it looks pretty good and the best part is it was free and I didn't cut into anything so I can easily put it back into the original form.
    Right now I don't have a license plate light but I don't plan on riding the bike much in the dark, and I also don't think Georgia cops really care. I am also debating drilling a small hole into the bottom of the tail light housing and covering it with transparent plastic. That would illuminate the license plate from the tail light bulb.

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    That looks ok, but I would worry that the plate is going to get taco'd or bent up. But then again...it is a dirt bike.
    FWIW, I am cheap (kindred spirits?)- I bought a fender eliminator off amazon that was fine quality and pretty cheap- I want to say 20 bucks or so, but I would have to check.
    I do not recommend drilling a hole in your tail light- first- it is easy to crack that plastic because it is brittle and second because it will be a good way to get moisture in there and degrade the electrics.