Front wheel out of alignment after hitting rain washout

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    Hey guys, want to start off by saying i'm new to the site so i'm not too sure where to post this. If this is the wrong area to post I apologize. Unfortunately while riding down to my favorite trail I hit a pretty bad rain washout, wiped out, and threw my front wheel out of alignment. From the top of the hill i could not see the rut until it was too late. Fortunately i made it out okay with no injury and minimal damage to the bike. Besides a couple scratches to the bike and slightly bending the brake lever, the front wheel was turned slightly to the left. After my ride of shame home my cousin and i were inspecting the bike to see why the wheel was turned. He put the wheel in between his legs and twisted the handlebar hard and it seemed to put the wheel back in place where it should be. I'm just worried there is something loose that could lead to further problems, after a couple test rides it seems to be fine. No shaking at all as if nothing happened. Any advice would be appreciated. [​IMG]

    Neither the handlebars or rim were bent. Simple the wheel was turned to the left when the handlebars were straight with the bike. The handlebars were square with the front headlight and fender, it was on the wheel that was turned.
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    You may be able to straighten things out by putting your bike up on a stand and loosening off the fork bolts. That would allow any twist from your wipeout to the forks go back to normal. I've seen this when a buddy wiped out on his bike and his wheel was tracking slightly off centre. Loosened the bolts and the forks returned to their usual position.