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  1. mrpulloo

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    Im the very happy owner of a 2018 CRF 250 Rally
    Have carried out a few touches to it:
    CBR300 crank conversion
    Airbox mod
    KN filter
    EJK controller
    Full FMF system
    Full ABS deletion
    Knobbly tyres
    YSS Rear shock
    Hyperpro front spring (although going to replace with Ohlins FSK 123)

    I also have a 2015 250L with the 300 conversion done. Its a great bike but have no space for the both of them so its going to be sold soon.. I had fitted a Britannia Composites fairing and even engineered the front suspension from a 450 endure bike to fit. Now back to standard

    I use the bike for commuting, trail riding and holidays too! 1400 mile trail riding holiday last year through France and northern Spain!

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  2. superfunkomatic

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    Nice looking bike. Lots of mods. When I saw the ABS come on the bikes in 2017 I was a bit disappointed - bought mine in 2016. I'd love to have ABS - it's similar to my Africa Twin, which allows you to turn off the rear ABS in dirt. It works really well. Why did you want to take the ABS off? Just curious....
  3. mrpulloo

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    I wanted to build a long term bike, my 2015 had no ABS and worked great. I also had a 2017 Africa Twin that while on the trail I occasionally forgot to switch off and led to some hairy experiences.
    The abs was not needed, taking up space, adding weight and that's when I decided to remove it.
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