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    Hi all. I returned to motorcycling after selling my first bike in 2001. Used it to take the motorcycle safety course.

    Early this past November I purchased a second hand 2016 Honda CRF250L with 235 kms on it. I like the light adventure touring idea. Am presently putting pieces on it to fit it out along my notion of what Adv touring will be for me. Mostly riding 14 miles one way on a two lane road to the nearest major centre. There are lots of big hills around my home.

    The engine and exhaust will remain stock. Changing these things is expensive. I prefer a quiet exhaust note after a lifetime of being around really loud machines.

    I have 42t and 45t rear, 14t front sprockets and new chain on the shelf. Will get experience and some service out of the factory equipment first. Bought a 13t front sprocket, but changed my mind as I won’t risk wearing the swing arm chain slider.

    Pieces installed include my build of FML Stewart’s windshield, a SW Motech tubular engine guard with home made weather shield attached using self made brackets. A strap on Nelson Rigg tank bag. Dirt Racks side carry racks installed. (Saddle bags or milk crate halves with netting to hold grocery bags. Haven’t decided here. Saddles bags are so expensive.) The bike is lowered 20mm at the front. A Kouba link at the rear. A Honda Taiwan Super Moto kick stand replces the standard one. Loob Man chain oiler installed. I bought an Igloo Playmate cooler for the Honda Taiwan top rack to carry frozen food. Installed a disc shaped thermometer on the handlebars with a self made bracket. ROX handle bar risers (up and backs). Rotated the trottle cable housing 90 degrees forward. This relieved the tension on the throttle cables with the steering on the left stop. Throttle action is normal. The cables remain in the frame loop as designed. VISTA throttle lock release thumb lever is now up where I can get to it. Acerbis hand guards and R&G heated grips intalled.

    Which brings me to how I came to crf250l.org. I was looking for a ready solution on how to connect the heated grips through a relay after the key is turned to ‘ON’. At the moment they are connected to the battery. Any passing mischief maker can turn the grips on and flatten the battery. I tried paralleling the enabling signal on the fuel pump relay. I see the fan relay is connected that way by Honda. I chose that location as it is convently behind the left side panel. The starter relay is there. It is heavier but only enabled with the start switch. I may look at this further. I don’t want to dismantle the bike to get to another location. My relay wouldn’t work. I checked connections and relay function several times. The relay I tried to use is not a match for the Honda OMRON relay. Have just bought an OMRON relay with socket. If I must I will simply lift the positive wire connection for the summer months.

    The bike is inside and dry in an unheated garage. I only get to work on it when the weather warms above freezing. The work goes slowly.
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    Wow! That's a lot of new additions to your bike. Congrats!
    For the heated grips, I bought an Eastern Beaver 3CS wiring package. It allows you to set up accessories on switched or unswitched circuits with fuses under the seat. It just fits under there and keeps fuses accessible.

    You should share a photo of your bike.
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    Thanks for the tech tip superfunkomatic.
    Pic to follow. The bike is in the back of the gargage. The lighting is poor. But, I am busting to get it out onto the driveway at least.
    It snowed heavily here to-day.
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