Highlander Mallaigh Duffle Bag Roll Top Waterproof

Discussion in 'Cargo Space' started by Tigger, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Ordered a Highlander Mallaigh Duffle Bag 35 litre recently, Just a quick review.
    I like the flexibility of these bags and use them for touring on my other bikes, they come in different sizes.
    Also use one as an overnight bag on trips and holidays, they are rugged, waterproof and fairly easy to carry.
    The 35 litre bag is a reasonable size for the CRF, I prefer the duffle type design over the traditional roll top tube dry sack, they are easier to access because they naturally lay with the opening upwards, easier to carry and more practical going into a hotel or Guest house.
    So far on all of my highlander bags they have kept water out totally in some horrendous weather over the years (I've never completely submerged one though).
    I have a large backpack version which is great to carry but the straps are a nightmare on the back of a bike, you do have to make sure the duffle bag straps are tucked away when travelling, I use RocStraps to secure it ro the bike, anyway enough waffling from me, just my findings, hope it's useful to someone.

    Cheers Tiggs[​IMG]
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    Nice one