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    After waiting for a long time for official word from Suzuki, we could wait no more. So on Wednesday, we finally recorded our episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast taking an in depth look at Suzuki's shock decision to pull out of MotoGP at the end of the season. To help guide us, and make it more than worth the wait, top Japanese MotoGP journalist Akira Nishimura joins Adam Wheeler, David Emmett, and Neil Morrison to give us a Japanese perspective on the decision.

    We start off with a deep dive into the Suzuki decision, the reasons for it, the implications of it for the rest of the MotoGP grid. We discuss what effect it will have on the rider market, and who might take Suzuki's spot on the grid. And we discuss whether we will see a repeat of the Kawasaki situation in 2009.

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