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    Aug 21, 2013
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    In light of recent master cylinder recall announcements, Brembo had this to say…

    Begin Press Release:

    Position statement

    Brembo SpA, a leader in the production of disc brake systems for vehicles, following the recent publication of some articles by the international press, mentioning wrong information, points out that:

    – Thanks to the constant quality monitoring over its production processes, it has uncovered the possibility of defects to the piston of the front radial master cylinder (diameters 15mm and 16mm), sold between 2015 and 2017 and mounted on some motorcycle models.

    – The only manufacturers affected are:

    MV Agusta
    TM Racing
    Moto Morini

    – The recall does not affect other manufacturers nor other master cylinders, or master cylinders sold as Aftermarket kits through the Brembo distribution network.

    Brembo promptly informed the manufacturers of the problem so that the owners of the aforementioned bikes could be informed and invited to have the part replaced at the nearest dealership.

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