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    AFF2CBD7-A8EB-4EA4-93C4-089AB1F7872D.jpeg Hi

    I’m Lee and I’ve recently bought a 2018 crf250l. I’ve put just over 400 miles on it so will be going in for first service soon and get yoshi end can fitted, I’ve heard that with an air filter, pipe and map you can get just shy of 40bhp. Can any one confirm this? Has any one made any modifications to theirs?


  2. 18_CRF250Lee

    18_CRF250Lee New Member

    Also I’m from Essex, UK. I have a 2004 Honda CBr600F4i & 2018 Honda CRF250L. Quite fortunate to live in an area with lots of green lanes as well as country side to ride in. I found this site through google because I would like to know about what modifications people have made theirs if they have one
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    Hi Lee,

    congratulations about you new ride and welcome to the discussion!
    Well, 40 hp instead of 25? Who told you so? Sounds like a miracle ;)
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    40hp is not achievable with just those mods. The cost for that would not be worth the effort, buy a better more expensive bike.
    I have done all those mods and it is more responsive and stronger but no where near 40hp.
    I have just put mine against a rally version and we both agreed mine is now faster and more responsive, however prior to fitting the power bomb header and ejk, the air box mod and pipe did nothing to improve the bike other than weight saving.
    Enjoy your bike, I love mine.
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    The CRF250R, a moto cross bike for the MX2 class, has got 41 bhp at 13,800 rpm.
    This is what you get from a competition bike with a very restricted durability.
    Regarding the CRF250L, Honda says
    "So you get smooth, consistent power packing loads of low- and mid-range torque."
    I guess that explains the difference between a performance bike and a reliable commuter that is able to ride off-road as well.
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    You have a great bike. Horsepower numbers don't equal the fun factor. It's a really fun bike to ride! The new CRF450L has 40+ HP but is much more of a dirt bike than dual sport. Keep riding yours, I bet you'll come to like it with 'only 25 HP'. :)
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    Enjoy the Bike, all the best from Raunds in Northamptonshire
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    Don't need 40bhp off road!

    25bhp a little short on the road at times though.