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    Hi my names Chris not been riding long and about to have a new CRF250l delivered can anyone advise me on a good lowering kit as need an inch to 2 inches lower cheers I'm in UK
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    I got a custom seat from Seat Concepts 1/2" lower than standard (more comfortable too!) and that makes quite a difference.
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    Welcome! I think this is what you're looking for to lower your bike Kouba Link.
    Have fun on your new bike!
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    I am using a Kouba link. I saw a British rider drill his lower shock link to lower his rear without a Kouba link.

    I read somewhere changing the fore and aft stance of the bike can affect road handling adversely.

    I remember the Kouba link lowers the rear 1.25 inches (32mm). I lowered the front forks as much as possible, about 0.79 inches (20mm). The amount of adjustment limited by the amount of untapered fork tube available to properly secure the fork tree bracket.

    Lowering the bike will cause the bike’s resting angle on the kickstand to be more vertical or more unstable parked in a wind. I had Bikerzbit in Tailand include a supermoto kickstand with my order. That kickstand is shorter and is a solution.
    If you have a welding torch available you could shorten the original one.

    Haven’t ridden the bike yet due to poor weather here.
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