Power accessory plug on CRF250L?

Discussion in '2012+ CRF250L Tech Talk' started by Samxboy, May 26, 2019.

  1. Samxboy

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    I know the Rally version has a power accessory plug but what about the regular L model. I found this under the seat and was wondering what it is. Hopefully it's a similar power accessory plug.......anyone know?

    Addendum: Figured out this is a data connector, but that still begs the question, where is the best place to connect in a switched power accessory ie: only on with ignition on. I want to add a usb outlet to power a cell phone for maps app.

    IMG_20190526_112014482.jpg IMG_20190526_112023930_HDR.jpg
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  2. superfunkomatic

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    I used an Eastern Beaver 3CS with a relay and connected the relay/constant power wire to the tail light.
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  3. cowboy

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    I have a battery tender lead fitted which pokes out the left side - and can be used for accessories - I never have though.
  4. Alex

    Alex crf250l.org dude

    I just ran a battery tender lead to the battery directly, but it's not switched.
  5. Br@nch

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    Look behiind the headlight on the right side for the aux plug.