Some stock parts for sale :)

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  1. Matt

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    Hey All!
    I have some stock misc. parts to sell and wanted to give you fellow CRF owners first dibs before bringing it to the flea market thread of the actual flea market lol ! I took them all off the bike within the first couple hundred miles of riding. I know what they cost to replace but have no idea what the 'used' market is like for this stuff so if you need one or want a spare just make me an offer! I haven't decided on shipping - maybe we can split the cost :)

    The original stock items for sale include:

    -Red Seat with Strap Removed (Strap included)
    -Full Tail Light Assembly (Wires Cut for aftermarket tail light )
    -Front Turn Signals (Full Assembly Wire Cut for aftermarket signal)
    -Stock Foot Pegs
    -Radiator 'Guard'
    -Under Plate "Skid Plate" (I say under plate because i don't think it would protect you from much skidding - but it still provides some protection and completeness to the bike)

    I figured I might as well mention I have a Bilt Touring Jacket, Size 38 and 40 Kevlar Jeans and some rain pants for sale also if anyone is looking for those but I will leave it at that since this is not the area for garage sales! Posting to the Flea Market later today :)

    Since we all own the bike I did not post pics of the parts but I have them if you wish the see how new the parts look - everything is very clean except the under plate which just has smudges that could be cleaned and will if someone wants it!

    Let me know if anyone is interested!
  2. Blesson Mathew

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    Do you still have the seat?
  3. Alex

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    Free bump
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    Do you still have the stock foot pegs? How much for those? zip is 27713.