Speed on two-lane pavement

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    Seriously considering the purchase of a CRF250L. My main bike is a 2018, Moto Guzzi V7iii, but I want a second bike for road, dirt roads, two tracks, and light trail.

    I had a Yamaha XT250 for a year or so, and it was ALMOST adequate. Good enough on trails, but just barely shy of performing well enough on pavement. Getting out of town (Muskegon, MI) was easy enough, but when I got on the paved country roads with a 55mph limit where most of the people are going about 63, I always had someone crawling up my tailpipe. IMHO the XT250 just wasn't capable of maintaining 63mph (actual, not speedo). Just too wound up, and overheated on me on a 90 degree day trying to keep up with backroads traffic.

    So, does the CRF250L have just a little more oomph? Maintain a reasonable comfy 63-64 mph for extended periods? I realize that's a fairly subjective thing. Ideally, it would be nice to hear from someone who has owned or ridden both the Yamaha XT250 and the Honda CRF250L.

    Oh, and I'd just go with a Suzuki DR650, but don't want the additional weight. Hopefully, a 250 can get the job done.
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    No problem at those speeds. Maintaining 70+ can be in issue if significant headwinds, grades, etc.