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    For those of you who were able to squeeze into a theatre in the past couple of weeks, you might have seen the new action movie ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins’.

    43% on Rotten Tomatoes…not too bad, but you know that’s not why we’re writing this.


    We’re more interested in the beautiful electric machines that Snake Eyes & co. used to trundle about the neoteric alleys of Tokyo proper.

    The electric bikes sport a beautiful bubble-capped headpiece, cafe racer lines, technology boasting electric superiority, and a smooth one-pieced fairing that gives us hints of the Energica Evoke, mixed with the new futuristic mod on the BMW R9T and a dash of the MV Agusta Superveloce.


    I couldn’t help but do some drooling – and digging.

    While we may not have a straight answer, we DO have something on both the brand and the origins of the film’s bikes.

    Exhibit A: The end credits.


    In the final stages of the movie’s end credit rolldown, we see Chris Paz listed under the motorcycles tab.

    Chris Paz is the US Service Manager for Energica.

    A short click or two, and we have the following models most similar to the movie’s machines: The Eva, The Evoke, and The Ego.

    A side view of the Energica Evoke

    We have one more little tidbit.

    It’s not much, but it’s intriguing – the internet gave forth a picture, purported to be the leftover motorcycles from the film Energica received back from ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.’


    While the film’s crew apparently used 20 of the bikes in production, the company kept 3 for promotional use, and the rest were used as needed for the action scenes, returning to Energica to be repaired or scrapped.

    Here is a segment from the conversation:
    “They took the bodywork off it and fabbed their own. They also chopped all the AC lines in the tail going to the onboard charger instead of unplugging them because it saved 20 seconds.”

    In essence, Energica gave the bikes to the production crew, who modded out the machines until they were barely recognizable, even going so far as to create a seamless head, body, and tail for the bikes.


    Regardless, we love the result and will be looking forward to any new updates coming out on bikes with this aesthetic in the near future.

    DISCLAIMER: All information gleaned in this article is public knowledge found on various forums of the internet. No leaks were imparted to WebBikeWorld from any of the companies involved with the action film ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.’

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