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    We’ve got some patent images from VisorDown that have revealed details on the frame and suspension for Aprilia’s leaning trike prototype – and if they decide to carry through with the patent, we could be looking at a unique resurgence of the Mana 850 GT.

    In line with the current three-wheeled industry, Aprilia has chosen elements of Yamaha’s Niken in construction, complete with a parallelogram-shaped mechanism to keep the front of the bike’s two wheels in place.


    VisorDown also mentions the striking similarities that its frame has with the brand’s discontinued Mana 850 GT. Should the brand use the same chassis, we’d likely also be looking at a 839.3cc, 90°, V-twin engine with a continuously variable transmission – that is, unless they do some serious cutting and pasting for an inline-four.

    Other features of this neat bird include the fact that the front hubs and forks are inside the front wheels (they’re outside for the Niken), and a slimmer front end compared to the original project blueprints.


    It’s been a year or two since we’ve seen updates from the company on this project, so if they’re still working on it, odds are the bike looks a wee bit different from what’s currently on the page.

    We will keep you posted on anything that comes down from the pipeline regarding this story; while you’re here, be sure to check out other recent stories from our archives, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

    *All media sourced from VisorDown*

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