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    CBR1000F Blessed With Honda Odyssey Engine Calls SOS

    Back in December, the funkiest thing I’d seen in relation to custom builds was a wee Mini Toyota GR (christened the “Yaris Jr.”) with a ZX-14 engine chucked in the back.

    Cars sporting bike engines seemed a bit out there at the time…but you know what’s rarer?

    When you flip it around and end up with a bike sporting a car engine – and according to Jalopnik, somebody had a bit too much fun turbo-boosting this baby up.

    Never say never, right?


    An Aussie Honda fan by the name of Ben Robertson is having way too much fun with his Honda K24 minivan engine. If you check his Youtube account, he’s tossed the thing into a twin-K24 boat project and even tweaked a computer to run on the K24 juice (200hp super computers, who?).

    How or why he does it, we have no idea; the projects are far from pretty (not to mention the dubious performance capabilities and the fact that we wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole); still, his projects play with power, and have been gathering interest – a lot of interest.

    Recently, Robertson’s account went viral with the acquisition of his latest brainchild: an est. 1997 CBR1000F Hurricane sporting his beloved K24 engine.


    To call blasphemy is, I think, not out of line for the build itself, since the Hurricane was already sporting a very nice 135 HP from a 998cc inline-four.

    But that wasn’t enough for Robertson.

    He wanted to go bigger – 1,000hp to the rear wheel, bigger.


    To get this done, the report tells us that “he started by gutting the donor bike, then stretching its frame using sections of boxed steel.”

    “With that done, Robertson fitted the 2.4-liter K24 from an international market Honda Odyssey.”

    With the 187-200hp engine now formally introduced, all that was left was to insert a Garrett GT47 turbocharger.

    Wait, there’s no room for the turbo?

    Meh. Just build it beside the bike then.


    The article goes on to tell us that Robertson’s original plan was for a street and drag bike…but judging by the height of the turbo plumbing (and the crickets that have gone silent for how close the feet will be to the piping), we’re thinking drag or top-shelf for this Hulk of a thing.

    “Even if it doesn’t [end up hitting] that magical 1,000 HP, I’m just glad people are out there building machines like this,” finishes the article.

    “Hopefully, we won’t hear how fast it is from a video detailing how he crashed it going warp speed.”

    Fingers crossed.


    Source: TheDrive

    The commentators on YouTube are just as intrigued to see the final product, contributing these absolute gems (among others):

    “Just remember to add some wings to it as this thing will literally fly”

    “Obligatory: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should…you’re a legend. Can’t wait to see how pants-shittingly fast this is gonna be. Subscribed.”

    “Really cool to see that engine in a bike. Honda 4 cylinders use a lot of early street bike tech to make em lighter and survive high revs.”

    “Oh hell no, ain’t no way I’m stepping on a bike like that. Amazing work, but I’m scared through the phone, haha!”

    “Hope you put a mesh screen on turbo inlet , might keep kangaroos out at 350 kmph!”

    We hope you had a giggle or two – I certainly did. Be sure to check out what’s new from our archives while you’re here, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

    *All media not called out in the article is sourced from Jalopnik*

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