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    Further, Faster…Lower?

    Just yesterday, we received word that Harley-Davidson’s new bike being revealed for January 26 was leaked – and unfortunately, no Bronx appears to be in sight.

    At least, not from what we’ve found. We may as yet stand corrected on this, so sit tight and puzzle this one out with us.

    A report from a Brazilian blog appears to have found media of Harley’s 2022 Low Rider S model – a bike that was missing from the 2022 lineup peek that we recently posted.


    Media from DrDanMorel shows H-D’s new Low Rider to be featuring a Milwaukee-Eight® 117 V-Twin engine (the 2021 variant), complete with an estimated 105hp of push and yank measured at 125 lbs-ft @ 3500rpm. We even have shots of a 2022 Low Rider spec sheet that was obtained by Harleysite.de.

    Select each image to zoom in:


    The report goes on to mention that this model will sport Brembo brakes, rear suspension with an extra inch of travel identical to the Fat Bob and Heritage Classic, “a ground height of 686 mm (27 in) against 673 mm (26.5 in) of the 2020 and 2021 model,” with speedometer and odometer taken out of the tank (where sun glare was a common complaint) and re-installed further up the bike.

    See below for comparison pics:

    MY20 FXLRS. Low Rider S. Softail.


    Handlebars are purportedly also straighter, with a purported cover for the tank (now that the instrumentation panel has been moved) and a Heavy Breather air filter to sync up to the 117, in place of the usual ventilation for the 114.


    We look forward to the official reveal on January 26. Based on the sheer effort of these proofs, we’re thinking there’s either an incredibly time-wealthy person spending buckets of hours on this, or there’s some truth to what’s here.

    January 26th is suddenly feeling a whole lot closer than it was…

    What do you think? Drop a comment and let us know, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

    *Media sourced from Harleysite.de and DrDanMorel*

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