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    Since the pandemic, riders and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide have waited until the return of the world’s largest motorcycle show. To say that this year’s EICMA is going to blow the minds of everybody there is a bit of an understatement – especially given that so many companies have been waiting to drop their latest and greatest on the prime showroom floor.


    Take this most recent news from News18, for instance.

    A company named NAWA has just revealed that their newest brainchild is a hybrid, putting the Nawa Racer as the first of its kind to be made eventually available to the masses. The bike will be debuting at EICMA in a handful of hours – but what we’re more interested in is how they got the bloody thing to work.


    We’ve covered a few companies out there that have been working on hybrid machines over the years; Kawasaki released that they were puttering away in their lab with the beginning phases of a hybrid concept about a year ago, BMW patented a ‘flexible gas tank’ that suggested the same, and a company called Druid had even touted a hybrid machine of their own back in 2019, though recent peeks at their dubiously translated news profile show that the company may have unfortunately closed down since the start of the pandemic, cementing the reality of what has been a ridiculously abnormal year.


    Despite recent (and ongoing) restrictions, NAWA has survived the odds – and the Racer sports more than a few revolutionary bits and bobs.

    We’re talking a set of next-gen nano-based ultracapacitors, dubbed NAWAcap, with the report stating that the Racer is the company’s first zero-emission motorbike to house such cutting-edge technology.


    “The developers of the bike have combined the nano-based ultra-capacitors with conventional lithium-ion cells to create a hybrid battery system,” continues the report.

    “…thanks to this hybrid battery system, the bike will have the ability to store energy in start-stop riding conditions.”


    “We had such a fantastic response to our NAWARacer concept at CES 2020 that we had to take the next step and showcase what our NAWACap technology truly can do,” said Pascal Boulanger, Founder of NAWA Technologies, and CTO in a NAWA press release.

    “In order to develop a fully dynamic prototype, and best reflect our next-gen energy storage technology, a world-leading consortium has been brought together to design and build a fully functioning version.”


    This is what companies around the world have been trying to harness – a way to house energy without the machine leaking too much juice, overcharging the battery, or displaying wimpy range.

    (In case you’re wondering, NAWA’s new pupper is apparently capable of a 300-mile range. Miles, not kilometers.)


    EICMA opens tomorrow, but that’s still not soon enough for us…regardless, we will keep you posted another news as it comes down our pipeline. In the meantime, be sure to check in on the new bikes Kawasaki and MV Agusta will be revealing at EICMA, as well as Rossi’s “One More Lap” event.


    Drop a comment below, we love hearing what you think – and as always, stay safe on the twisties.

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