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    On February 12th and 13th, St. Louis will be hosting their 7th annual Cycle Showcase STL – and we’re told that there will be a delicious array of custom bikes from all over the world, in the celebration of motorcycle art and history.

    The report from RiverBender states that the cost to attend is an extremely reasonable $10 for adults, with anybody under 15 able to get in free.

    Looking at you, Junior.


    “The goal of the event is to change the mainstream perception of cycle enthusiasts while weaving together the various cycle subcultures,” continues the report.

    “Everyone from racers and long-distance touring riders to historical restoration buffs and hand-built motorcycle designers will be represented.”

    “Racers, riders, restorers, historians artists, and craftsmen – everyone is represented and all are welcome at Cycle Showcase STL,” contributes the event’s founder, Randall Noldge.


    Thinking of attending? The report tells us that the $10 ticket will cover a gander at “50+ historically significant, hand-crafted works of two-wheeled art” from museums and galleries all over the country.

    If the promise of peeks at pretty pea-shooters isn’t enough, the Smooches for Pooches Doggie Kissing Booth will be nearby as a fundraiser for a non-profit, large breed dog rescue facility located in Pacific, MO called Dirk’s Fund.

    To learn more about Cycle Showcase STL, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@CSSTL), or on Twitter, (@csstl15). Tickets are at the door and they’ll be jazzed to see you.

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    *All media sourced from the St Louis Title Dispatch*

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