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    BMW Motorrad has asked a Canadian metal sculptor to tackle an R 18 in the name of top-notch custom builds – and we’re expecting a beastie unlike anything the rest of the floor has to offer.

    Before we elaborate, readers should know that Jay Donovan is more than an artist with metal. Since completion of his high school auto body class, Donovan is known for his ‘radical’ and ‘completely unique’ aesthetic when it comes to placing hands on bike projects – and with previous creations currently residing in the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery in Dallas, Texas (and the fact that he was supported by the late Bobby Haas himself), it’s safe to say that this man has an eye for the exceptional – and he knows how to use it.


    “I got a ticket for collision and then was just kind of looking for the next way to elaborate that skill set, which was the sheet metal shaping and forming,” says Donovan on his journey as an artist.

    “From there I was doing some hot rod work, but the medium was so big it was kind of limiting to the creative potential and that’s when I came across motorcycles.”


    The article from CHEKNews tells us that Donovan was chosen by BMW because the three bike projects scattered out to various custom builders needed to be different from each other as a rule of thumb – after all, brilliant custom jobs that look alike don’t stand out as well on a podium.

    “We wanted to show the diversity of what the R-18 can offer in terms of customization and that’s also how we selected the three builders,” says BMW Motorrad Canada director Johann von Balluseck.


    “What I really like [about Donovan] is that his custom projects are quite radical, especially thanks to his metal shaping skills which are completely unique,” finishes von Balluseck.

    The bikes will purportedly be revealed at the second quarter of 2022, followed by a dealership tour this summer.

    Stay tuned for updates, drop a comment below, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

    *All media sourced from CHEKNews*

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