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    According to a report from MCN, Aprilia has just opened the sale of the RS 660 Trofeo to the masses – and we’re tickled pink at the opportunity to take such a pretty beastie to track days.

    Previously an exclusive track bike obtained by competitive consumers connected to the racing world – and a bike that saw an entire race series dedicated to its release – the Trofeo is now available to plebs worldwide.


    As expected of a track bike, the Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo does not have an ignition key installed – and the ABS, naturally, has been disabled, though it is still connected to the ECU to allow the bike’s electronic strategies to continue to work properly.

    In addition, the front and rear braking systems have been modified to incorporate independent braking pipes and the WheelieControl/EB/TC sports multiple levels for the rider’s convenience.

    For suspension, Aprilia used the Ohlins rear shock AP948 with new compression, a rebound dumping setting, and a new spring preload.

    Aprilia also lowered the chassis of the Trofeo further than that of the standard RS 660, with an adjustable footrest kit provided and the whole caboodle decked out with fiberglass fairings.

    And at a dry weight of 513kg (337.3 lbs) with 105 bhp kicking the pavement, you’re guaranteed a smile or two included in the €14,700 (roughly $17,899.45 USD) selling price.

    Should your dreams of sporty corners require an Italian bike already making its mark on the MotoAmerica Twins Cup (and hearts worldwide), head over to Aprilia.

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