Attaching home-made Tool Tube

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Gear' started by Solob, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Solob

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    I just made a tool tube out of PVC - simple and easy - but now struggling to attach it. How did you all attach your home-made or purchased tool tubes? I took off the orginal tool-case to create more (efficient) space on the left rear side (mirroring the exhaust pipe). I want to use the existing screw holes.
    Any advice welcome! Pictures are best :)
  2. Tigger

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    This sort of thing is available from aliexpress for £4 / £5 a pair, described as handle bar / frame clamps in 8mm or 10 mm thread ( designed for mirrors ) I fitted them to my Tiger 800 frame for a tool tube mount when touring Scotland