Easy Upgrade for Taller Riders - IMS Pro Series Footpegs and Tusk Risers

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    I've been working on small updates on the ergonomics of my bike. Considering I'm 6'1" the bike does really well to fit and carry me wherever I decide to go - on and offroad. I just thought it would be nice to have a bit closer reach when standing and lower the pegs so that my knees were a little bit less cramped while sitting for longer highway rides.

    I found a used set of IMS Pro Series footpegs that are down 1/2" and back 1/2". I think that will do the trick. I've had IMS pegs on a few bikes and they are excellent though I've always leaned towards the Superstock pegs as they are kind of between road and offroad. The Pro Series pegs are really offroad and have good sized teeth to ensure grip in slippery or muddy situations. My hope is that my leg never comes in contact with them as they would surely cause a shark bite. Upgrade $80.

    Tusk makes really cheap bar risers ($25) that bring the bars up about 1 1/4" (30 mm). I thought it was worth a try for the price. It's winter, so I haven't had a chance to put them to the test, but I have stood up on the bike in the garage and I think these will really help with my reach to the bars.

    I think the combination of the higher bars and the lower pegs should make the bike fit like a glove. The only other option I'm considering for a longer offroad trip in 2020 would be a Seat Concepts high seat to lift me up even more off the bike. That'll wait until later in the riding season or next.

    I'll give updates when I get a chance to ride in about two more months.

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    Looks good, I did the same thing on the ADVKTY, I may try that on the ADVKTN once I get some more seat time on her to see if I need the change.
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    The ergonomic changes did exactly what I hoped. Less reach down to the handlebars when standing. The new risers help prevent stooping over too much now.

    Didn't notice much of a change with the new footpegs. They are different but nothing earth-shattering. They certainly do grip more than the Super Sport pegs and really grab the bottoms of the boot.

    For $25, the handlebar risers are certainly worth it for taller riders. Highly recommended.