Honda Grom

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Alex, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Alex

    Alex dude

  2. beardo

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    I really wanted one when I saw they were going to be released in the states. Then I sat on one. That killed any notion of me wanting one...
  3. Alex

    Alex dude

    They are about 2/3's sized. My kid loved it.
  4. danziger

    danziger New Member

    I'd pass. It would be a great bike to strap to a RV, though...
  5. Alex

    Alex dude

    Yup - I agree; it would be a perfect little run-around machine for that use case.
  6. Bella

    Bella New Member

    whoaa awesome dirt bike by honda. whats the technical specs!
  7. Vman1313

    Vman1313 Member

    I wonder if anyone has put more dirt worthy tires on it and made it a more off road little machine?!?!?!
  8. echo5

    echo5 Member

    I had one. A perfect mini motorcycle with ergos suited to an adult with no mods! When I saw one at the dealer a year ago women were all over it. A guy there wanted 20 of them for his motorcycle learn to ride school.

    They have a STIFF rear shock however. Think HARDTAIL! I got back spasms after a few months and had to sell it.

    Which I hated to do because it would be all the mc I need...
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  9. Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Life Member

    Interesting bike. The 130+ mpg is kickass!

    Im afraid I'd look like a cheap side show on that thing with my 6' 200lb frame though...

    Might be a great bike for smaller framed guys and gals. My wifes biggest aprehension about riding her own bike is the weight of it so maybe this would be perfect!

    It does look fun ;)
  10. Singlespeed92

    Singlespeed92 New Member

    A while back when I decided to get legal and actually get a license again (I've been riding since I was 4,which is 44 years,but took about 10 years off for health reasons and didn't keep the endorsement up,renewed it last year's Summer),being the only experienced rider in the class,they all giggled when I rolled up on a Shadow bobber and got stuck with a Grom to do my 2 day's testing/class on. By the middle part of the first day,seeing how easy it was to ride they'd each and every one came by and said "MAN I wish I'd chose that as the one I'd be using for this!",LOL! That's my sole Grom experience,but I liked the little bike,it was fun doing nose wheelies on and making my classmates jealous (of course,I already knew how to do nose wheelies to stop,but I digress... :p )
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  11. DLL66

    DLL66 New Member

    I had one up until about 2 weeks ago until I sold it to by my CRF250L. It was a fun little bike to run around town.
  12. Merritt64

    Merritt64 New Member

    I rode one at a motorcycle school and had an absolute blast on it. I asked the Chief Instructor about sizing and he said that he's trained guys well over 6' on them. They are considering converting over to strictly Grom's for training purposes. I'd ride it again.
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