[kropotkin thinks...] - Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - The ‘unreal feeling’ that makes Márquez king

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    What makes Marc Márquez great? He has achieved a title hit rate better than anyone since Giacomo Agostini half a century ago by doing things the others can’t do

    You know that feeling when you ride into a corner on your favourite road a wee bit too fast, so you hold your breath, relax your grip on the handlebars and seek forgiveness for all your sins? Then you make it out the other side and your heart rate spikes and your stomach does a loop the loop? Scary but uplifting – what riding bikes is all about.

    I imagine that’s how Marc Márquez feels every time he attacks a corner: front tyre squirming and painting the asphalt black, handlebars tipping several degrees into the turn, elbows for outriggers, then up, up and away, hard on the throttle, an explosion of exhaust noise, a shudder of wheelspin and he’s gone.

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