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  1. Alex

    Alex dude

    Thanks for opening this thread! Please read the instructions right below the map before adding yourself...

    Here's the member map. To add yourself to the map, just click on the "plus sign" button in the top right of the map. Enter your username, along with your location. Location can be just zip code, city/state, or you can click right on the map. You can also upload an image for people to see when they click on your location. Enjoy! If you have added yourself and your username shows on the list on the right, yet it doesn't show you on the map right away, be patient and check back in a few hours. This embedded map is cached on the zeemaps servers for performance reasons, and may not show your most recent marker updates for a while. Please don't re-add yourself multiple times, it doesn't speed anything up, and I need to go in and delete all the dupes manually afterwards. If you keep track of that "change URL" it gives you when you add your marker, you can always come back and update your marker if you choose. If you do lose it, send me a PM and I can retrieve it for you.

    Here's a link to a full-screen version of the map: Full Screen Member Map

    There are some great search features with this map. The GeoSearch box in the bottom left is a quick way to enter in a state or similar area, and it will immediately filter results based on that state. If you click the "Search" button in the top right of the map, there are more advanced options to search for markers within a certain distance or by other parameters.
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  2. YYZ_CRF250L

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    This is a great feature.! Thanks for adding.
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    sir good day, i would like to ask if its is normal for crf 250L to have a slight knocking sound on the engine during warm-up at least 2-5 minutes but when i rode it for 5 minutes the slight knocking sound disappear, please give me an advice on how to solve this issue
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    Fun feature! Just added myself and noticed I am the only one in the whole PNW. Suprising!