Motorcycle Accident Scene Management

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    (the entire write-up below is from:

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    Thanks for posting this--really good stuff here. Hope it's okay if I copy & paste it to print out for some of my friends that ride. Cheers.
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    Good read. I have the unique experience of having ems training (Eagle Scout) and having been in a major motorcycle accident. I got creamed by a drunk idiot some years back. I have also been the first responder at many car accidents. More drunk idiots have crashed infront of my house then I can count. Almost every time they try to drive away, even when their car is sideways in a 5ft deep ditch, no kidding. The guy who hit me also tried to flee but his car was hi centered in someones yard. After i flew and rolled about 30ft i could hear him revving his engine. It wasnt until after he knew he wasnt getting away that he walked over to check on me. First thing out of his idiot mouth: "Think theyll be able to tell i just pounded a beer?" My bike is shredded, I'm shredded. What a drunk piece of sh*t. This is the real world crap they dont train you for... Drunks.

    Call 911 immediately. Tell them exactly where the scene of the accident is, give them a quick brief, but DO NOT get distracted by the dispatcher. They are going to be pelting you with questions. Tell them the important stuff, leave the phone on/ dont hang up then put it back in your pocket. You really need to watch your surroundings, traffic, the wrecked vehicles and injured drivers. I was almost hit by a crazed drunken kid in a jacked up truck who had just plowed through my power pole then my neighbors yard and then through their fence. After all that his trucks rear axle was scraping on the ground but he was still plowing around all over the place. I took my attention off the truck for a few seconds and was answering the dispatchers questions when he started plowing towards me. He missed me by a few feet. I shouldve seen him coming but did not. FUCKING DRUNKS I HATE THEM. Sorry, had to get that out. Anyway, keep yourself in a safe spot, direct traffic, direct help.

    If someone causes an accident then expect them to flee. Its awful but Ive seen it first hand many many times. Oh yeah, keep that gopro on your helmet recording ALL THE TIME. Cant be too careful. Expect other drivers to be drunk or idiotic or some combination of the two.
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    Great info, thanks for sharing.
    info for UK forum members:- For those unaware, the Blood bikers (serv) and local fire service hold free courses called "Biker Down" they are worth attending.
    Scene management, first aid and some great stuff on being seen, take a look,
    There is no reason not to go, its free, informative and fun