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    Motorcycle-magazine.com says it’s just seen Kawasaki’s price list in the UK, and reports the new H2 SX supercharged sporty tourer “is more than £10,000 cheaper than the H2 superbike that spawned it” – just £15,099. That’s $19,816 in today’s US dollars, and compares very favorably to the $28,000 list price for a regular H2 in the US, a bike bereft of saddlebags, room for a passenger, or electronic cruise control. All are standard on the SX.

    Kawasaki still hasn’t confirmed if the bike is even coming to the US, but given it sells the H2, H2 Carbon ($31k) and H2 R ($55k) here, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t also import the SX. If this report is true, and the price winds up being under $20k, we imagine if you want one you better start cozying up to your Kawasaki dealer yesterday.

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