My '17 After 6 Months of Tinkering

Discussion in '2012+ CRF250L Farkles' started by Evergreen Life, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Life Member

    Hey guys. I've got 6 months and 650 miles of joy out of this beauty so far. A ton, I know.

    I've done some fun and useful things to it. She's really coming together!

    Thoughts? Ideas?


    20180403_180659.jpg 20180403_180737.jpg 20180403_180809.jpg 20180403_180832.jpg 20180403_180850.jpg 20180403_180906.jpg
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  2. Mike310

    Mike310 Member

    Looks nice, time for exhaust and ejk. After 8k miles on my 2014 I returned to 14T up front from 13T, not a sprint like but still a ripper.
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  3. YYZ_CRF250L

    YYZ_CRF250L New Member

    Wow,, looking good, really like that red luggage rack. Don't forget a rad guard..
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  4. JPD

    JPD Member

    Nice looking ride.

    Depending where you ride a Radiator Guard.

    Here a picture of a close encounter with a tree:eek: (Posted on Thumper Talk June 2017 by deathman53)

    My radiator guard probably prevented damage to the radiator... the plastic shroud did not fair as well:(
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  5. Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Life Member

    Good call on the radiator guard guys. I'll start looking around. The factory plastic one is pretty cheesy just like the plastic "bash plate". JPD that is plane badass that your guard saved your radiator from that impact. Looks like you came at it with some speed!

    some day I will drop the $700 on a powerbomb and Q4 but can't justify it atm. Sounds like a sweet combo. Still not totally sold on the ejk for a '17. Need to read more about the factory EFI. Maybe though. Apreciate the input!