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  1. martn130289

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    The last two days I used the bad weather to optimize my CRF a little bit.
    The shift lever and the rear break pedal I allready installed a while ago
    so I installed a Acerbis fuel tank yesterday
    it fits good, but the plastics are a little bit more bend and I was not able to mount the screw in the "middle" (btw I could mount the feul pump the same position like on the original tank)
    Today I installed as well a scottoiler (e-system)... the first time after 11 1/2 years and more than 200.000km riding motorcycle...
    After 1 hour checking where I put the reservoir, I dicide to put it in the tool box. So first I had to take all the "unneeded" plastic out of the box. CIMG5806.JPG
    after this I put every thing where it has to go and installed as well the lube tube under the seat
    CIMG5810.JPG CIMG5809.JPG CIMG5808.JPG
    now I will see how it works... maybe my Tiger will get a chainoiler as well:cool:
    and at least, I mounted a self made skid plate including a tool tube (just the two screws on the bottom have to be changed soon)
    the crash bars from Hepko & Becker I put on after I got the bike allready...

    Next tasks:
    -luggage rack
    -optimimeze the seat
    -change the handle bar and get it higher...
    -and have fun, for sure...:p

    Cheers Martin
  2. martn130289

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    in total :)
  3. MrWesson

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    Love the German implementation!

    Are you concerned about smashing the tool tube? I jump quite a few trees on the trail and feel like I would break it.
  4. martn130289

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    not really. On my old DR350 I had one at the same position and I didn't break it. And I did hit a few trees and stones:rolleyes:
  5. martn130289

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    I took some time to modify my CRF a little bit more.
    I started with some Acerbis Handguards. Easy to mount but they had to get modified a little bit, because of the gas cable.
    Afterwards I installed A "bar back" from SW-Motech. Normally it is used to get the bar closer to you, but I took it the other way. No problems with the cables so far (didn´t ride the bike yesterday)
    And I allready started to build some sideracks for my saddlebags (not finished yet)
    in total again
  6. martn130289

    martn130289 Member

    during chrismas I modified allready some fenderbags to use them as tank-side-bags
  7. Alex

    Alex dude

    Looks good!
  8. Tigger

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    Looks like you've been busy, I have been looking at various panier frames to make it a more tourable bike, cheers
  9. superfunkomatic

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    Check out Dirtracks - I have the pannier frames on mine. They are solid and reasonably priced. You can even paint them yourself if you'd like to save a few bucks.

  10. martn130289

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    So I spent again some time to make my CRF ready to travel.
    First of all I got a higher seat from Seat Concepts. With shipping and coustoms not very cheap, but defenetly worth it:thumbup:
    CIMG5853 (1024x768).jpg
    and I added a plate to my self made side racks to carry a 2l Feul Friend. Doesn´t look nice so far, but it works... I mounted a tool tube as well to carry the bottle of my new cooker.
    CIMG5851 (1024x768).jpg
    Only one problem, after I did everything, I wanted to mount the rear rack again and it is not working anymore... The small tank needs the space of the rear holder of the rack.:confused:
    But I allready have an idea;) I will take care next weekend for this.