Standard CRF250L vs Stage 1 Modified CRF250 Rally

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    Thought I would throw in my experience with the stage one mods on my 2018 CRF250L Rally (Plus some races vs a stock 2013 250L). I did not want a loud exhaust so I just put on the EJK and removed the snorkel and air filter screen about 500 miles ago. Maybe a small increase in power throughout the rev range, but not much. Stock gearing and would only do 80 on the highway. My dad's 2013 would beat it in a drag race every time regardless of rider due to the smaller TB and different tuning for low end on the pre 2017 250L.

    I just installed the FMF Megabomb header and Q4 can with the 1-1/8" quiet insert on Monday. With the smaller 1-1/8" insert, the exhaust is definitely louder than stock, but not unbearable. Wind noise is still louder than the exhaust at highway speed which is great. The only time it really barks is when you give it full throttle at low speed. As for power, there is a significant increase throughout the rev range. Low to mid range is now comparable or slightly better than a stock pre 2017 250L which is great. On the highway, it has been transformed. Passing power in the 65-80 mph range is greatly improved. Top speed has now improved to ~87 while still having stock gearing. I have no need to go faster than that but do need to cruise at 75 on the highway comfortably (the speed limit here in CO), which I can now do. Before the exhaust, it would slow down to well below 70 on any hill or with any headwind.

    For anyone on the fence about doing stage one, do it! The insert I put in is not the one that comes with the Q4. It is the 1-1/8" insert made for the Power core 4, but fits in the Q4 no problem and is quieter than the 1-3/8" insert that comes with the Q4. FMF part number is 040630 for the 1-1/8" insert.