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    Anybody else have a hard time standing while riding? I made it a point to work on it on my ;ast ride so I rode for 3 hours and stood for at least 1 hour out of the 3. I feel pretty confident standing while going less then 20 MPH but anything faster and I dont feel as comfortable......AND I still stink at SHIFTING while standing.:(

    I have watched countless videos and know the importance of it and benefits of it....I just stink at it. Guess I better keep practicing!

  2. michael.kozera

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    when off road im standing almost 90% of the time and i do 4-6 hrs of off road at a time.

    i noticed that the crf250l stock handle bars are to short for my 6ft frame, making it difficult to stand. i got a riser bar+ lift kit for the handle bar the bar (grips) are now 3" higher then stock allowing me to stand with ease at all speeds up to 140km/hr.
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    Any problems with cabling when adding the risers and lift kit?
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    you can re-aim the throttle cables downwards when rising the bars. (this is the only thing thats restricts how high you can lift the bars)..if your running stock bars without risers I'm not surprised your finding it difficult...your back will suffer and you won't feel in control...try raising the gear lever when riding stood up...just remove the gear lever bolt totally as it also acts as a lock...and mark the current position on the spline doth this with a pencil...remove the lever and raise it one this until its in the right position for your boots to fit under...once you have the bike set up for riding off road becomes a lot more fun and less exhausting when stood up on the pegs safer too...
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    For your shifting issues...consider moving your shift lever into a more suitable position. Every rider has a preference...and different sized feet, and a variety of boots. I often change the position for the conditions. One bolt...easy. Mark it's current position. (I use a mechanical pencil, easily washed off) Carefully rotate it the direction that might suit you better. For standing, I would say lever toward the ground, giving your foot some easier angle. Try one tooth at a time. You will see how much it changes.

    The next thing to consider, if this doesn't help enough, is to buy a shifter that is longer by maybe 10mm.That puts out a longer arc, given one tooth change. Easier to shift.

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