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    I will do a video soon of all the changes but I just wanted to post up a few pics first of CrayCray (my 2014 CRF250L) and some of the changes she has gone thru in order as I did them. As you will read below and see in the pics, some of my mods didnt come out 100% perfect but I have never claimed to be a professional painter, upholstery expert, or master builder. I do my best, learn from my mistakes, and get better at it the next time.

    **Raised up the Front Forks in order to lower bike - so my short legs can tippy toe

    **SEAT - I removed seat cover and foam and put in my own seat foam and cover. Doesnt look 100% great BUT it sure does feel cushy and comfortable.

    **Tail Rack - with some home made modifications which keep the saddle bags off the muffler

    **Soupys Adjustable Lowering Link - again so my short legs can at least tippy toe

    **RotoPax 1.75 Gallon Tank System attached to modified Tail Rack

    **Flatland Skid Plate - a MUST HAVE if you are going trail riding

    **Tail Eliminator - looks great - sucks keeping mud from flying up all over the bike

    **13T Sprocket - which I have not made up my mind if I like or not

    **Painted the white plastics black...BUT...the paint didn't hold up in the woods getting hit by limbs or sticks so I then covered it with some black 3M Wrapping. I love how it looks and it held up the last time I went our adventuring. It didn't come out 100% perfect but being my first time wrapping anything, I am happy with it. Once I get tired of it, I can unwrap her and redo it to get rid of some imperfections.

    **Decals - I added some decals I had on hand and ordered some OEM decals to get back some of the CRF250L look. As you can see, one of my 250L shroud decals came actually came off the first time I took her out into the woods but the dealership played it off and wouldnt replace it...STEALERSHIPS!!!

    20141213_190936.jpg 20141213_190949.jpg 20141213_190936.jpg 20141213_190949.jpg 20141226_145337.jpg 20141226_143722.jpg 20141230_115242.jpg 20141230_120417.jpg 20150104_112951.jpg
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    :thumbup: Looks good!
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    Video describing mods/changes...

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    I do like that look!
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    I like what you've done so far! Looks good.
    I'm working on changing the look of mine a little bit. I'm looking for red radiator shrouds (those boomerang pieces on the gas tank) Are you interested in trading your red ones for black or white? I'm in California and shipping should be cheap depending on where you're at
    - Rob