Want to buy: Stock rear end, fr-rr blinkers, tail light, exhaust

Discussion in 'Items Wanted' started by Evanparker, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Evanparker

    Evanparker New Member

    bought an offroaded 2016 bike, previous owner cut/broke all this stuff off

    The total list:

    -OEM exhaust, last section with exhaust can
    -rear tail section, hopefully including
    tail light
    rear Blinkers
    licence plate mount
    all original reflectors
    all mounting hardware

    -Front blinkers
    -OEM brake reserviour/stanchion, attached brake lever
    -OEM clutch lever stanchion, clutch lever
    -OEM helmet lock


  2. Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Life Member

    Hey there. Ive got the stock rear fender section with the factory blinkers off my 2017 if you are interested? Im 99% sure it will mount fine to a 2016. I will post pictures later tonight when I get home. Cheers.
  3. Evanparker

    Evanparker New Member

    thanks that would be awesome!
  4. Dan1462

    Dan1462 New Member

    I'm in the process of taking my stock rear fender/rear blinkers off and putting an after market setup on. If the previous person falls through i might be able to help. I also have a 2017
  5. bmwdready347

    bmwdready347 New Member

    hey I have every thing you just name please call or text me at 347 546 4555 thanks