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    BSA’s finally shown us the new machine that they’ve been working on in the lab – and in typical fashion, the demands of the current industry have been met with a new ‘Scrambler’ concept.

    Originally having been founded as Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd. in the manufacturing of firearms, today’s face of the Brit-based bike brand carries forward their legacy of classic rides – now with an off-road twist and Ducati-inspired christening.

    As such, BSA’s new concept shows off longer suspension with dual shock absorbers, a fresh coat of paint (complete with a #28 side plate), and the obligatory, dual-sport, wire-spoke, knobbly, Scorpion Rally STR tyres. We also see disc brakes running on the bigger front tyre, with a set of wide handlebars sticking out of the offset instrument console, a ridiculously high front fender and accompanying belly pan to complete the ensemble.

    All of this complements the BSA-true, 652cc single-cylinder engine punting out of a lower dual exhaust system.

    BSA at Motorcycle Live. Media sourced from BSA’s Facebook page.

    No date has been set yet for the release of this machine into the motorcycling community proper, but we’re assuming the 652cc single heart will do the usual honors as in the recently revealed Gold Star (around 45hp of max punch @ 6000rpm and 55Nm of torque @ 4000rpm).

    Should we see this machine out in the market for 2023/2024, she’ll be a direct contender for the newer Royal Enfield 650.

    BSA’s Gold Star, which will be the first model to enter production. Media sourced from New Atlas.

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    *Media sourced from Team BHP and New Atlas*

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