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    Our favorite Hinckley-based bike brand has just issued a recall for their family of Rockets.

    The recall itself – published at the end of October – cites the issue to lie in “a small number of motorcycles within the affected VIN range that have been parked or stored for long periods of time.”

    Apparently, leaving these bikes to sit has resulted in a decided increase in rear brake pedal travel – at least, more than what the bike had before the storage period.


    A view of Triumph’s Rocket family – the very same with an initiated recall. Media provided by Triumph.

    Luckily, NHTSA’s report states that this problem can be remedied by depressing that same rear brake pedal over a greater distance prior to storage.

    We’re told that 100% of Triumph’s bikes have this problem, with as many as 3,557 bikes affected overall.

    Here are the exact models affected:

    • 2022-2022 Triumph Rocket 3 GT Triple Black
      • January 4 to February 26, 2021
      • VIN numbers ranging SMTG10JX2NTAE9438 – SMTG10JX3NTAG3591
    • 2022-2022 Triumph Rocket 3 R Black
      • February 9 to April 26, 2021
      • SMTG11JX3NTAF9417 – SMTG11JX7NTAH5586
    • 2022-2024 Triumph Rocket 3 R
      • October 10 (2019) to August 31 (2023)
      • SMTG11JX3LT978848 – SMTG11JX9RTBR2306
    • 2020-2024 Triumph Rocket 3 GT
      • October 14 (2019) to August 25, 2023
      • SMTG10JX6LT979471 to SMTG10JX6RTBR1673
    • 2020-2020 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC
      • October 16 (2019), to Dece,ber 15 (2019)
      • SMTG12JX4LT978640 – SMTG12JX2LT989099

    Triumph intends to replace the Rear Brake master Cylinder “free of charge, including parts and labor.”


    A view of Triumph’s Rocket family – the very same with an initiated recall. Media provided by Triumph.

    If you’re a rider and you already have your bike in the shop for a recall repair, you may be eligible for compensation; be sure to contact the relevant parties for further info:

    Triumph Motorcycles Customer Service

    • 1-888-284-6288
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    • Vehicle Safety Hotline: 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153)
    • Website: www.nhtsa.gov
    • NHTSA’s recall #: 23V-730

    What do you think of this recent recall?

    *All media provided by Triumph*

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